Coil Feeder Lines  

First automation in press shop involves auto feeding of coils in to presses to make blanks and for progressive stamping. An auto coil feeding system consists of up to three basic components: uncoiler, straightener, and feeder. These components can have varying degrees of complexities and can have several accessories. A conventional coil feeding system has these components arranged in tandem, whereas the new trend is to combine these components to make more compact systems, like straightener feeders.

Oriimec of Japan ( is the world famous supplier of coil feeding systems and other press automation equipment. Their main factories are in Japan but they also have a major factory in China. Most of our common requirements can be met from their China factory at very competitive prices.

Please find below a brief description of popular Oriimec products.

ORIIMEC – Uncoilers, Straightners & Feeders for Presses

The Oriimec product line includes NC roll feeders, Compact straightners, Precision straightners, Uncoilers and Compact Uncoiler/straightner/feeder.

Only Oriimec’s high technology could design and build a fully automatic Straightner/Feed Combination of Superior quality. Oriimec’s Computer Control Servo Systems introduce the combination of high Quality and functional machine that are totally operator friendly.

Responding to the demand for maximum space-saving on the shop room floor, Oriimecs uncoiler/ straightener/ feeders have a compact footprint without sacrificing quality or speed.

  ORIIMEC – Uncoilers, Straightners & Feeders for Presses

ABV have been promoting Oriimec products in India for many years. Please find below a partial reference list.

Oriimec Machines in India
  #   Customer   Location   Model   Mfg Year   Equipped To
  01   SFO   Bangalore
  LCC03KD   2010/06   Komatsu H1F110-OS
  LCC03KD   2010/06   SEYI 110 T
  LCC06JF4   2010/05   Komatsu E2W250
  02   SGI   Chennai
  LCC04KJ3   2010/09   Godrej 160 T
  LCC04KJ3   2010/08   Yangli 160 T
  03   SODECIA   Chennai
  LCC04KJ3 MAP -DAS   2010/07   Komatsu OBW200
  LCC04KJ3MAP-DTS   2007/09   Komatsu OBW200
  LCCO8PMMAP   1999   
  LCC05HR2MAP   2007/05   
  04   BYD   Chennai
  AFK x 4 units   2008   Komatsu E2W110/160
  LFB02BAAA-P x 2 units   2008/05   
  LFB02BAAA-X x 2 units   2008/06   
  05   Foxconn   Chennai
  AFK x 5 units   2007   SEYI 160 T /200 T
  AFK x 8 units   2005 to 07   Chin Fong 110 T
  06   TIDC   Chennai
  ME-04AKAB x 2 units   2005/02   AIDA NS1-1500
  LHC04ACAB-P x 2 units   2005/02   AIDA NS1-1500
  AFC03GABP x 2 units   2005/02   AIDA
  07   Trend Technologies   Pune
  LCC08JF0TAP-YAL      PATEC 300 T
  LCC03KR      SEYI 110 T
  LCC03KR      AIDA 110 T
  08   Technico   Gurgaon
  LCC08JR      SEYI SAG600
  09   Neel Metal   Gurgaon
  HLL10(LCC10PM2)   2010/11   Komatsu L2M500
  10   India Steel Summit   NOIDA
  LCC 06HRTAX-VAS   2009/11   Komatsu E2W300
  LCC04PJJAX   1994/08   Chin Fong 200 T
  11   H-One   NOIDA
  LCC06PJ      Komatsu 200
  12   IFB   Kolkata
  13   Igarashi Motor   Chennai
  MT-03TCBC-AZS   2004   AIDA NS2-3000
  15   Bellsonica   Gurgaon
  LCC10PM2TBX-MHX   2008   
  LCC10PM2TAX-MHC   2010   
  16   ROLLMOR   Hyderabad
  ME-04AKAB   2010   
  LHC04ACAB-P   2010   
  AFC03GABP   2010   
  17   T.T.I.D   Bangalore
  HTL19   2008   Komatsu
  LCC06HRMAX-EVAC   2009   Komatsu L2M300 WL
  18   UCAL FUEL   Chennai
  LF-01ASBAAP x 2      
  19   B.N.K.I   Bangalore
  HTS02 x 2 units   2010   AIDA
  20   Schneider   Chennai
  AFK02 x 3 units   2010   

ABV provide the installation and maintenance services for Oriimec machines.

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